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120, 92 and 80 mm Fan Roundup Print E-mail
Written by HaSLeS   
Thursday, 23 April 2009

For long time I waited for the opportunity to help with some other review for the site and here it is – the luck shone upon me yet again. As you may already know from the headline in the next article you will have the opportunity to read a review of some 120, 92 and 80 mm fans. Lets now see which they are and what they are capable of.

The first two are manufactured by NoiseBlocker (NB) and are the XL1 and XL2 models in 120mm variant.

The third fan which we will review is a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) by Akasa , again 120mm:

And th 120 е e fourth pretender for the crown at 120mm category is Gelid Wing 12:

In the next class we have only two pretenders – 92mm NoiseBlockers. The models are accordingly XE1 an XE2:

And at the end we will look how things are at the extra-light class, 80mm, where the already known models by Akasa and NoiseBlocker battle, but we also have the newly rising star by Evercool – piece of art of the Chinese genius.

The tested models are accordingly:

NoiseBlocker X1 и X2:

Akasa's fan which model remains mystery, but we can clearly see that it is PWM (its RPM is controlled by the motherboard when there is a free 4 pin fan connector):

Evercool Rifling. This in fact is the strangest 80mm fan, which personally I have ever seen. It is a combination of 80mm chassis with 92mm proppeler inside. I was very curious how well it will perform:

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