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A-Data Vitesta Extreme Edition DDR3 1600MHz 2x1GB review Print E-mail
Written by Dimitar Dinchev a.k.a. Veseliq   
Tuesday, 25 November 2008

DDR3 RAM will soon be replacing DDR2 as the new mass memory, for both mainstream and high-end computers. The release of Intel's Core i7 platform less than a week ago only vouched for this while being also intended as accentuation on the upcoming shift. But even now if you are assembling an older platform, obtaining motherboard with DDR3 support might make the next upgrade to the new one, lighter and easier. And that is why today we're reviewing pair on intriguing A-Data Vitesta Extreme Edition, with super fast timings and high frequency (1600MHz CL7-7-7-20), good overclock potential and rather decent price. As always - at least on theory, but hey, that's what tests are for - finding out the truth.

A-Data had created for themselves a name as one of the biggest memory manufacturers in the world. They make large quantities of modules for every market segment - RAM memory for desktop, mobile and server machines, USB flash drives and flash cards, Solid State Drives and so on. The company is frequently quoted as innovator in the use of different technologies, and their products vary from cheap modules for the common users to hand picked and tested ultra fast memory modules for gamers, hardware enthusiasts and professionals. Recently in that exact part of the market they have pushed time and again forward, and their famous fast Vitesta series for over and year now has its own website -, in which the different Vitesta families are displayed. The highest class of them bears the name "Extreme", just like the memory we'll be reviewing.

Specification of A-Data DDR3 Dual Channel Extreme Series. The model we're reviewing is with the bold font
ФFactory number Name of the model Speed Size Latency (timings) Voltage
AD32133F002GM(O)U2K DDR3-2133X PC3-17066 2GBx2 CL10-10-10-30 2.05v~2.15v
AD32133F001GM(O)U2K DDR3-2133X PC3-17066 1GBx2 CL10-10-10-30 2.05v~2.15v
AD32000F002GM(O)U2K DDR3-2000X PC3-16000 2GBx2 CL9-9-9-24 2.05v~2.15v
AD32000F001GM(O)U2K DDR3-2000X PC3-16000 1GBx2 CL9-9-9-24 2.05v~2.15v
AD31900F002GM(O)U2K DDR3-1900X PC3-15200 2GBx2 CL9-9-9-24 2.05v~2.15v
AD31900F001GM(O)U2K DDR3-1900X PC3-15200 1GBx2 CL9-9-9-24 2.05v~2.15v
AD31600F002GM(O)U2K DDR3-1600X PC3-12800 2GBx2 CL7-7-7-20 1.75v~1.85v
AD31600F001GM(O)U2K DDR3-1600X PC3-12800 1GBx2 CL7-7-7-20 1.75v~1.85v
AD31333F002GM(O)U2K DDR3-1333X PC3-10666 2GBx2 CL6-6-6-18 1.75v~1.85v
AD31333F001GM(O)U2K DDR3-1333X PC3-10666 1GBx2 CL6-6-6-18 1.75v~1.85v

And now for a quick look at it before we begin the real testing.

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