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Written by Dimitar Dinchev a.k.a. Veseliq   
Friday, 01 August 2008

Top end videocards in these days are well known for having two high things about them - high price and high temperature. Oh, sure, the manufacturers do provide stock cooler capable of handling the heat from their new and mighty cards, but most often these coolers are not very quiet, nor they meet the expectations of the group that we fit in - gamers, overclockers and computer enthusiasts. Luckily for our demands companies like Coolink are more than happy to provide products like GFXChilla! :)

Now as the intro of this review suggests, we're going to talk about a product that is claimed to offer extreme performance and extreme quietness at the same time. Yes, right after opening the box we do get reassuring feelings towards this just by the look of Coolink's GFXChilla, indeed the 4 heatpipes and the closely placed aluminum plates of the radiator suggest huge heat transferring surface.

A key thing is also the price of Coolink's GFXChilla. Though the cooler appear strong and stable you can get it for under 30$ in USA, just like Arctic Cooling's Accelero S1 (available for 40 leva here in Bulgaria). This automatically makes it a lucrative purchase, quite accessible even for people without interests in overclocking or intense gaming, but merely needing a quiet cooler for their card. On top of this GFXChilla uses rather "flexible" design and well thought out way for mounting (upon which we'll cast more light later in the review), that makes it compatible with vast variety of modern and even not so modern cards. On the following table besides the full tech specifications you'll find a link to the Coolink website, containing a list with all cards tested for compatibility with the cooler. Should your card is not in the list, feel free to write an e-mail to Coolink, they will give you a personal answer in a day!

Height (without fan) 20mm
Width (without fan) 161mm
Depth (without fan) 115mm
Height (with fan) 30mm
Width (with fan) 161mm
Depth (with fan) 115mm
Wight (with fan) 330g
Material Copper (vbase and heatpipes), Aluminum (plates of the radiator)
Compatibility Check this list
Size of the fans 2x 80x80x10mm
Fan RPM (+/- 10%) 2000rpm
Noise 18dB(A)
Contents RAM & VR-radiators, 3:4-pin adapter, Thermal paste, Manual
Warranty 3 Years
Recommended price $ 29,90

But before we get to testing, as usual we'll provide some more technical info about the product, while sharing our first thoughts about it too.

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