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Written by Stuyo   
Thursday, 10 July 2008

Sound is inseparable part of any multimedia fun. But for enjoying it to the full, besides a good sound card you need a good sound system too. Today we'll review a 5.1 headphones that claim to be exactly that - Cyber Snipa Sonar 5.1. So let's find out if they have the usual Cyber Snipa high quality (besides the ever so reasonable prices).

For quite awhile multi-channel audio is the way to go, most new hardware products come with support for 8-channel sound. 7.1 systems are rare no more. Some years back a new class of interesting products emerged – 5.1 headphones. Yet despite all the years these headphones are around, not much of a variety of implementations could be found on the market.

Our friends from Cyber Snipa kindly provided us with a sample of their newest product – Sonar 5.1, gaming oriented 6-channel headphones. Cyber Snipa are manufacturer of gaming products, distinctive by their high quality and low price. The price of Sonar 5.1 varies in different online shops between 60$ and 80$. The European Cyber Snipa online store offers Sonar 5.1 for 69.90EUR. Time to find out what kind of quality do they have and does it justify the price.

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