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Review of Geil Black Dragon DDR2 1066MHz dual channel kit Print E-mail
Written by Stuyo   
Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Ram memory is important for the computer. By now you have noticed. And since we agree on that fact, let us remind you that if you are overclockers/gamers or just need high performance machine, it would be prudent to provide a good memory for it. Today we'll be reviewing a gaming product of the famous memory maker Geil. The current modules are a dual channel DDR2 kit operating at 1066MHz, descending from the Black Dragon family.

Our friends from Geil were ever so kind and supplied us with some of the memory modules for testing purposes. One of the products is a dual channel kit from the aging DDR2. The product family it comes from is named Dragon and is intended mostly for gamers. The specific product is 2х1GB kit with 1066MHz rating and 5-5-5-15 timings. In Bulgaria the lower 800MHz 4-4-4-12 model (that would provably easily go 1066 considering its timings) is priced around 50$. Considering the fact that around the world the 1066MHz model is sold for about 60$ that makes it cheaper than other brands. So, let us see if the modest price is backed up by decent performance.

Geil Black Dragon DDR2 1066 specifications

  • CAS 5-5-5-15
  • Models: 2GB 1066MHz CAS5 (1GBX2-SKU#GB22GB8500C5DC)
  • 64Mx8 DDR2 FBGA chips
  • 240pin, Non-ECC, Un-buffered DIMM
  • 8-layer, special „Black Dragon” PCB with LED lights
  • Operating voltage: 2.2 to 2.4V
  • Lifetime warranty

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