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Written by Stuyo   
Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Page 2 - Closer look

Icy Dock MB662US-2S comes in compact white box that bears a picture of it on the front and list of specifications on the back:

In it resides the product itself along with another box, containing all the bits and pieces that go along with it - power adapter, power cable, eSATA and USB cables and manual:

Самият Icy Dock MB662US-2S i quite heavy and has sturdy build. Its body looks the same from both sides - silvery with the company logo printed in the center. The actual body itself is made from thick aluminum sheets. The bottom has four rubber feet that additionally add to vibration dampening:

On top of the enclosure are only the locking buttons for each drive slot, both mechanical, upon pressing they release the doors (after being slightly pulled to the front):

The two doors on the front close off the hard drive slots. Made from white plastic they are well ventilated and have an one indicator LED (each) on their top side. The LED indicates the hard drive state by using three colours – blue, red and purple:

On the back you can see the 40mm fan , with the switch for controlling its RPM right alongside it. Also on the back are situated the USB and SATA connectors, the power connector, DIP switch for RAID settings, reset button, Kensington lock and main power switch:

Time to open the case and see what's inside. That's easy - pull the lock on top and release the door to gain access to the hard drive slot:

The doors themselves are designed in such way that when you insert a hard drive it does not go in all the way but is locked in place only by closing the door. Upon opening them the same is repeater in reverse - the door serve as levers that pull the hard drive from the connectors of the controller:

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