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Written by Stuyo   
Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Page 4 - Conclusion

  • Active cooling with RPM control
  • Good eSATA performance
  • Very easy to install
  • No additional software needed
  • Hardware RAID controller
  • Aluminum body

  • Power adapter uses 6W even if enclosure is powered off
  • Some motherboards have issues with JBOD in BIOS

Icy Dock MB662US-2S is fine external enclosure, that offers you a choice between using two separate hard drives or a number of raid combinations. It has active cooling, It's easy to use and is not bound by any software. Problems with JBOD are most likely caused by old BIOS, rather than the controller itself. As for the price – hardware RAID was never cheap, but the option of having 2 external hard drives in a single case and at price lower than the ones of its rival NAS products, the $110 its sold for is well justified. If by nothing else - then because two separate SATA enclosures aren't much cheaper.

Many thanks to our friends from Icy Dock , for making this review possible.

Author: Stoyan Pamukchiev a.k.a Stuyo

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