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MSI Wind U100 subnotebook review Print E-mail
Written by Stuyo   
Monday, 27 October 2008

Through this year we witnessed the return of a certain new class of devices the small fully functional mobile computers or in other words the subnotebooks. We got to play around quite seriously with one representative of the class in question - namely the MSI Wind. Well now, impressed as we are let's see how much of Atom performance is hidden in its stylish design and miniature size.

Alright, alright this isn't exactly a new class of device, ever since the dark age of technology, in the days that the Pentium presented itself with the mind-blowing speed of 75 MHz, there was a vast array of really small machines with screens between 7 and 10. And even then they weren't new class of devices. This type of product was rather scarce recently in the mobile devices niche. An year ago we had 12 and more mobile computers, as well as UMPC and in between them... nothing. So it was that exact void that deemed necessary the return of the small mobile machines with screens up to 10, capable to hide in a medium sized purse or even a pocket! Slowly the manufacturers saw the potential in this niche, one that is apparently quite considerable. Intel's offspring's - the new Atom processors and their rather pleasing performance and considerably low power consumption only further the development of this type of products.

Our friends from MSI after prolonged period of hardship managed to supply us with test sample of their representative in this class - namely the Wind U100. It of course has the full functionality of an standard portable computer. The size of its screen is 10 the biggest (for the time being) in this class. Naturally, based on Intel's answer for this class of devices - the Atom processor. This in fact was partially to blame for the delays and difficulties around obtaining the Wind, you see when it came out the demand was much greater than Intel's supply capabilities. The price of the Wind is around 500$, somewhat of a stiff price, but it does sound mostly justified. Or is it? Well, read on, to find out. :)

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