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Written by Stuyo   
Thursday, 21 August 2008

It is highly likely that most of you out there use if not gaming, then at least high resolution mice. As you might well know, no matter how good is the mouse its performance depends on the surface you use it too. Today we'll be reviewing a high-class mouse pad, targeted at us, the ones calling themselves „gamers”, namely – Razer Destructor.

Razer are well known company specializing in gaming oriented goods. Their products are famous for their high quality, performance and also innovative technologies used in them.

Our friends from Razer were kind enough to send us one of their Destructor mouse pads for testing. This is one big, thin and stiff pad that has a rubber bottom allowing it to stick to any surface. The innovative in this pad is its surface, made by the Razer Fractal technology, that according to manufacturer gives increased preciseness. Let's see hat this product has to offer, for it's "modest" price of about 69 leva (~35 Euro).

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