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Revoltec Fightpad Advanced gaming keypad review Print E-mail
Written by Stuyo   
Thursday, 04 September 2008

Products baring "gaming" in their title are becoming more and more - keyboards, mice, headphones... There is a special type of products, that essentially are an small keyboards with weird key layout and limited amount of keys too. They are always accompanied by software for macro commands and can be named differently – keypads or gameboards. Today we review one such gaming keypad, namely the Revoltec Fightpad Advanced. We're going to check how will seasoned gamers used to classical keyboard will feel about this device. Will hey find it to be a comfortable and essential must-have?

Revoltec is well known manufacturer of PSU's, PC cases, coolers and PC peripherals. Since recently they began making products for the gaming market. Of what we've seen already we know they combine the usually high German quality with adequate prices.

Revoltec kindly supplied us for this review with their Fightpad Advanced gaming keypad. It is representative of the more conventional devices, and more or less looks like something that could be called keyboard, unlike some of its brethren that look like being pulled from sci-fi movie. Other characteristics of the Fightpad are the large quantity of buttons and their interesting design. Naturally, there is a macro software included. And for just about 40EUR.

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