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Revoltec RNC-2100 and RNC-3000 notebook coolers review Print E-mail
Written by Stuyo   
Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Laptop computers are becoming more and more involved in out daily activities. Be they work machines or personal, they are everywhere. And with their increasing spreading, the variety of accessories for them is increasing too. In today's review we'll look at two coolers stands for laptops, of the Revoltec's brand.

Our friends from

Revoltec supplied us with two of their coolers for reviewing. RNC-2100 is targeted at 12-15” laptops and has 2 fans, while RNC-3000 is at the 15,4-17” range and accordingly has 3 fans. Both have black and silver variants. Their price is 35 EUR for the RNC-2100 and 40 EUR for RNC-3000. Now let's see will we again find the quality of Revoltec's aluminum creations that we're used to.

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