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StarMouse GS-502 - the MSI gaming weapon Print E-mail
Written by Stuyo   
Friday, 22 February 2008

In its long and prosperous life, the computer mouse endured many metamorphoses and from a mere rodent with cable became aesthetically sustained product with ergonomic design and myriad additional features. Weve seen big mice, little mice, office mice, laptop mice, laser, optical, mice that dont resemble mice the list is long. In recent years we witnessed a new (well, not any more) type the gaming mice.

Because todays games ever stretch the boundaries of gamer skills and every day the hand-eye coordination requirements get higher and higher, the users adopted high-precision mice. Also macro-buttons emerged and heavier, solid mice. The manufacturers started using more reliable buttons for their products, which can survive heavier loads and continuous exploitation. Due to the modders community the familiar rodent got lights, fancy paint or even built-in cooling. Today numerous factors are important, such as: comfort, grip, cohesion between mouse and mouse pad. All these factors more or less are already distinguishing characteristics of every gaming mouse.

On the other hand, MSI in the last few years are advancing at more and more wider computer hardware and periphery market. It seems that they are determined to enter also the gaming mice market. Thanks to our partners from Solytrade We got our hands on a StarMouse GS-502 to check whether MSI will enter this market with a worthy product at the modest price of 50$ or we will witness yet another disappointment.

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