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Written by Stuyo   
Wednesday, 12 August 2009

As we are well aware the biggest enemy of computer components is non other than heat. Nowadays there are various ways to deal with it and reduce heat of all computer components. One of the important ones, requiring cooling is the system memory. Today we're reviewing a cooling solution from Xilence, one that is essentially a radiator with integrated heatpipe.

Our friends from Computermax were king enough to supply us with a set of two Xilence RAM Cooler HP coolers for testing. As you might have noticed, memory modules for enthusiasts/clockers are usually sold along with radiators/heatspreaders, while still a large share of the market that is occupied by the "gaming" modules does not always provide the modules with additional cooling. Most commonly the "gaming" modules have characteristics very close to the highest class of modules while still being sold cheaper on account of them not enjoying the benefits of additional cooling. Apparently that class is not going anywhere soon, therefore additional cooling for memory modules is also going to be around for a while. The product we're reviewing today is sold for about $18 (with the dual heatpipe variant priced around $22).

Now on to the humble specifications of this product:

Xilence RAM Cooler HP specifications
Colour Black / Copper
Dimentions 70 x 140 x 20 mm
Weight 84 g.

And the scarce Xilence RAM Cooler HP features

  • IImproves the thermal resistance by 24,8% (interesting…)
  • Gives your PC a cool modding look

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