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Written by Dimitar Dinchev a.k.a. Veseliq   
Tuesday, 19 August 2008

If you own a big videocard in the middle class and need the cheapest possible cooler that will still be quiet and productive, then it's highly likely to come across a brand such as Evercool, and why not to the product that is in the center of this review - namely Evercool Turbo 2...

The Taiwanese company Evercool is veteran as far as computer coolers go. The company is founded in the beginning of what is called the personal computer the era - 1992 and had supplied a vast range of computer coolers ever since. Evercool are quite famous for their cheap solutions, though often because of the build quality and performance shortcomings. But in the end not everyone needs extreme effectiveness, and their coolers as cheap as they are will not fall to pieces as soon as you touch them :)

This time in the center of our attention is a videocard cooler, that uses the newest trends and technologies. Turbo 2 uses heatpipes to transfer the heat from the card's core to the radiator, made by a lot of aluminum plates and serviced by a big noiseless fan. So far everything sounds just swell, especially when add that the cooler costs ~20$ here in Bulgaria. This is probably the cheapest heatpipe video card cooler here and this way Turbo 2 becomes a tasty alternative to the stock coolers, that in the few last years tend to get very noisy while barely coping with heat dispersion.

height (without fan) 38mm
Width (without fan) 145mm
Depth (without fan) 112mm
Height (with fan) 44mm
Width (with fan) 162mm
Depth (with fan) 112mm
Weight (with fan) 300g
Material Copper (base and heatpipes), aluminum (plates)
Dimentions of the fan 80x80x10mm
Fan speed (+/- 10%) 2000rpm
Noise 17dB(A)
Additional contents Thermal paste, Manual
Price ~20$

The cooler was initially presented before around 2 years. Since then a minor changes had been made (in this review we test the most recent version) and Evercool were kind enough to supply us with a sample for testing. Now let's go on with unpacking and mounting the cooler!

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